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The official homepage to the old TSR campaign setting.  A fine site maintained by Arjan Duijs, there is a Birthright d20 Campaign Book that is available for playtesting.

Dark Sun

The Burnt World of Athas is still burning at this, the official home of the Dark Sun campaign setting.


Kender, Gully Dwarves, Tinker Gnomes, and more can be found at this site. 


Wizards' campaign setting has a pulpy edge to it.  This world is the brainchild of Keith Baker.  This Wiki article has links and a helpful overview of the setting.

Forgotten Realms

Wikipedia's excellent resource for campaigns in set "The Realms". 


My homebrew setting for D&D 3.5 can be found at this site, along with maps, houserules, reference sheets and character sheets.  A version for Castles & Crusades can be found here.  


Once the best campaign setting out there, Greyhawk is a shadow of its former Gygaxian glory (or maybe I'm just getting old and cynical).  The Canonfire site has great Greyhawk maps, as well as forums and articles about Oerth. 


This is Lord Xoth's homage to Conan and to the works of Robert E. Howard.  An excellent site for anyone looking to run a d20 Conan game.


Even more than Greyhawk, the once-amazing Planescape setting was abandoned when Dungeons and Dragons made the transition to 3rd edition.  This is the "official" site for this setting.


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D&D Character Sheet

My favorite character sheet is a simple Word sheet.  NEW and IMPROVED... for your gaming pleasure!!

Item &  Equipment Sheet

Roger Jones made up this sheet to keep track of characters' stuff.

The Mad Irishman

Many versions of this well-written character sheet are available on The Mad Irishman's site.  For example, he has a Living Greyhawk sheet, an Oriental Adventures sheet, an Athas sheet...  See what I mean?


Should the Dungeons and Dragons characters sheets listed above not suffice, this website offers tons of great character sheets, links, and other roleplaying aids.

Spell Record Sheet

This simple, Word file helps you keep track of your spells. The Other Game Company also has come up with blank spell cards, so you can write up your spells on sturdy cards.

Spell Record Sheets

Here are detailed PDF spell lists for clerics, wizards,  bards, rangers, paladins and druids... as well as spells from The Book of Vile Darkness and Book of Exalted Deeds.

WotC 3.5 Sheet

Wizards of the Coast's simple and useful sheet for any 3rd Edition character. 


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Accessory Update

This 40 page PDF file provides guidelines for bringing Deities & Demigods, Fiend Folio, Monster Manual II, and The Manual of the Planes up to date for your 3.5 game.


Ryan Stoughton's E6 is a game about gritty, heroic d20 gaming, and focuses on continuously delivering exciting heroic fantasy, even in a very long campaign.  His Raising the Stakes document puts the spotlight on the player characters by reducing the randomness of player-character deaths and providing a simple but powerful stunt mechanic.


3.5 has did not mean the end of errata.  Here's the last official errata put out by WotC for 3.5.


Here's the FAQ for D&D 3.5.  Handy for debating the application of various rules with your DM!

Reference Sheets

These quick reference sheets contain information on classes, combat, magic, psionics, conditional modifiers, etc.  

D&D 3.5 SRD

Sovelier-Sage's excellent,HTML SRD and other versions of the SRD are available for download at the  System Reference Documents site.  The The Other Game Company has also provided gamers with SRD sections on Classes, Combat, Equipment (including details on constructing arms and armor), Feats, Prestige Classes, Races, Skills, Spell Lists, & Spell Descriptions. 

D20 Modern SRD All of the Open Game Content content for WotC's d20 Modern game.

Mutants & Masterminds 3 SRD

This website provides the Open Game Content portions of the 3rd Edition of the Mutants and Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game by Green Ronin Publishing.

Pathfinder SRD

This website provides the Open Game Content portions for the Pathfinder RPG by Paizo.

Swords & Wizardry SRD

This website is a System Reference Document for the Swords & Wizardry roleplaying game by Frog God Games. Frog God Games have given their blessing to this site, and in fact have aided greatly in producing it.

Unearthed Arcana Checklist

WoTC's Unearthed Arcana checklist is a simple resource for keeping track of what alternate rules are being used in your 3.5 game.


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Alternate Starting Packages

This 3.5 Player's Handbook Web Enhancement provides starting character packages for unconventional characters, such as dwarven bards and halfling barbarians. 

Castle Building

TimeRef is a great resource for Medieval timelines and for information on castles, abbeys, and other medieval structures.  

Character Cards

These forms, created by The Other Game Company, keep track of PCs' stats on a handy, tiny card.

Conversion Guide (AD&D to 3rd Edition)

While not for 3.5, this guide is pretty easy to adjust for a 3.5 game.

Creature Cards

The Other Game Company has come out with these blank cards to help you, the DM, write up stat blocks for your monsters.

Creature Catalogue

A GREAT resource for any DM wishing to add new creatures to their games... especially those creatures that appeared in previous incarnations of Dungeons and Dragons.

Country Demographics Generator

The Domesday Book is one worldbuilding tool that any homebrewer could use.

Encounter Calculator

Helps you design challenging, but not frustrating, encounters for your 3rd edition game.

Epic Level PrC Rules

WotC's official rules for Epic Level PrC advancement.

Experience Calculator

Stefan Radermacher's XP calculator has bailed me out plenty of times my players were clamoring for XPs at the end of a night.

GM Cards

Another gift from ToGC.  These keep track of NPCs' stats and locations.

Group Record Sheet

An easy way to keep track of an entire party, this sheet has been a mainstay in my DM arsenal.  Also check out The Other Game Company's Party Sheet.

Kingdom Population Generator

This and the Population Center Demographics Calculator by Lucid Pheonix are based based on "Medieval Demographics Made Easy" by S. John Ross.

Monster Cards

The Other Game Company's blank Monster Cards are great for keeping track of reoccurring beasties in your game.


Sami Pyorre's Everchanging Book of Names is an excellent resource for naming characters in any fantasy game.  He has Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms and Warhammer specific downloads.

Pathfinder RPG Random Treasure Generator An easy-to-use online generator that matches treasure to the CR of the encounter.


This JAVA based program is an AWESOME tool to create d20 characters.  The program is now OGL compliant.

Town Generator Hans Feldmann's excel file generates all the info for the town from the tables in the DMG v3.5 (population, total money available, highest level characters, etc.) easily.

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Autarch Makers of the "retro"clone Adventurer, Conqueror, King. This system builds on classic D&D to allow for character advancement from dungeon-crawler to major player in your campaign world.
Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game BFRPG is an open source retro clone of AD&D.  It's available for free download or, for a nominal fee, in print through
D&D Homepage

Wizards of the Coast's official website for the granddaddy of all RPGs... D&D.

EN World

EN world is the source for all  news related to D&D and d20 roleplaying (and much more).

Frog God Games Picking up in the footsteps of Necromancer Games (which they have acquired), Frog God Games is releasing excellent materials for Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder

Goblinoid Games

Goblinoid Games is a small-press publisher currently focusing on support of Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Starships & Spaceships, and Star Explorer

Goodman Games

I enjoyed their Dungeon Crawl Classics line of adventures for 3rd Edition (from both sides of the DM screen) and look forward to playing their roleplaying game of the same name!

Green Ronin Publishing  

Green Ronin publishes the True20 system, as well as Mutants and Masterminds, Thieves' World and Freeport sourcebooks.

Mythmere Games

Makers of the OD&D retro clone Swords & Wizardry and various OD&D supplements.

Paizo Publishing

Publishing of the Pathfinder RPG and supplements, as well as generic, quality accessories for D&D.

Reaper Miniatures

When I want the best miniatures out there, I go to Reaper.  You can search for minis by weapon type, armor, gender and race... very helpful.

Troll Lord Games

Creators of Castles & Crusades, a pseudo-hybrid of 3rd and 1st edition that is rules-lite and has an old-school charm about it.  

TSR Archive

Lists and organizes nearly every product that has ever come out for the Dungeons & Dragons game... in all of its incarnations.  A great resource!

WotC's D&D Update Archive

A month-by-month index of Wizards' D&D updates, for the years 2000 through 2008.  Think you missed a free download?  Here's where to look.


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This site has reference sheets, links and supplements for your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition game.  It is highly compatible with Castles & Crusades, 3rd Edition D&D, and AD&D, allowing you to run games using materials from any of them, with minimal conversion.


My homebrew setting for D&D 3.5 can be found at this site, along with maps, houserules, reference sheets and character sheets.  A version for AD&D3 can be found here.  


Here's my homage to classic Greyhawk (circa 576).


All sorts of material for the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game is available on this site, including maps, reference sheets, historical notes and rule clarifications.

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